Training & Skill Development

Equipping You, Your Volunteers & Staff To Be Effective

Knowledge of effective fundraising practices and simply understanding “how to do it” are challenges for all volunteers and staff. Not-for-profit volunteer and staff leadership consistently site limited knowledge and expertise in effective fundraising techniques. Therefore, most organization volunteers and staff learn through “trial by fire.”

Our training is designed to be practical, hands-on, and built to fit your organization. We have thousands of hours of training both volunteers and staff on all aspects of fundraising. We are especially good at helping you create your story, and “making the ask.”

Training can be delivered on-line or in-person. We design the training to fit your needs.

Training can be done in 1 hour, 2 hour, ½ day, and full day formats.

Training Topics Include:

– the sources, recipients, trends, and economic conditions for sustainable philanthropy

– this is often an organization’s most pressing training need. We have decades of practical experience creating training programs that volunteers or staff can use and implement immediately

– learn how to create a story about your organization that engages your donors

– understand the process, how to identify and effectively engage donors, the power of persuasion, overcoming objections, and what is needed to create committed long-term donors

– how has technology affected giving behavior, and what are some of the best practices in the digital age

Fundraising – learn the best practices and benchmarks to know if your special events are helping you move your mission forward, or exhausting you and your donors

– find out how to identify the strengths and opportunities for your organization to raise new funds or significantly broaden and deepen relationships with existing donors

– Learn what is necessary to be in place within the organization and the donor for transformational giving to take place. Learn what motivates and “turns-off” donors that make transformational gifts

– understand what is necessary within your organization to be able to secure the “ultimate” donor gift. Also understand donor traits and trends in planned giving

– people work in many different ways, and in numerous employers throughout their career. Learn the most effective way to engage employers and employees with your cause