Our clients say

"I have hired Mark Germano to present programs on fund development for several Notre Dame Nonprofit Executive Programs. He consistently receives high marks of 5 out of 5 from the attendees and is very easy to work with. I will continue to hire him in the future as well!"

"I had the privilege of taking an Executive Fund Development Leadership Program course that Mark was leading. It was very enlightening, strengthening and encouraging as he gave practical and informative instruction. It was very frank, but uplifting at the same time. I was able to put together a development plan for our organization that can be applied as of today. I enjoyed the availability that he provided to us for advice and direction as well as the encouragement that it can be done. If you are looking for advice about how to strengthen your organizations leadership and/or development Mark is a great resource! "
William “BJ” Bechtal
Program Director at Inner City Impact
"I have been able to witness first hand the difference Mark is making around our country with his tremendous work for the Autism Society. His leadership, enthusiasm, and passion are having a lasting impact in this organization and this is appreciated by everyone who has friends or family dealing with autism. Mark’s results speak for themselves and I am thankful for special people like him who tirelessly work to make the world a better place. It is an honor to know Mark and I give him my highest recommendation."

"Mr. Mark Germano is a real expert on Institutional Fund Development. I had the opportunity to participate in a ten-day course he led under the auspices of the University of Notre Dame. I was highly impressed for his knowledge, ability to teach and capacity to manage large groups of students from different backgrounds.

Mark's knowledge is broad and deep on the issues related to Institutional Fund Development...from teaching how to create a strategic plan, building collaborative teams, and steps for developing long lasting relationships with donors.

Students will always remember what Mark has taught because his teaching is full of good examples, participatory learning techniques, and a welcoming environment. I was impressed with his capacity to relate to persons from different countries and backgrounds.

Thank you, Mr. Germano, for your spirit and example in helping institutions to be healthy and sustainable."

"Mark is a results-oriented leader. His deep knowledge of philanthropy combined with his communication and teaching skills will be an asset to any organization lucky enough to work with him. Mark is adept at figuring out which of his many talents is needed most in each situation whether it be coach, professor or executive director -- or combination of all of these and more."
"Mark is an incredibly dynamic and strategic leader. He has tremendous charisma and is an outstanding public speaker. Mark can deliver an organization's vision to the public with such passion and effectiveness that I believe he is a cornerstone to any successful capital campaign. In the boardroom, he is a very detailed person with an uncanny ability to remember and recall a myraid of statistics related to all functions of an organization. I enjoyed working with and listening to Mark, whether it was at a fundraiser or him delivering his strategy in a management meeting. I highly recommend Mark as part of any senior management team."
"Mark is one of the most effective trainers we have used at United Way of Wisconsin. He receives outstanding evaluations from participants in his workshops. He is respected for his broad grasp of resource development strategies and methods. In addition to his expertise, he is well liked for his warm and engaging style. He is a gifted communicator able to present complex concepts in a highly understandable fashion to all levels of learners. He understands adult learning requirements and designs well-conceptualized learning applications. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark or rehire him."
"Mark is terrific. He is a great team player, extremely knowledgeable about the non-profit sector."