Build Sustainable Revenue Through Robust Relationships

Successful fundraising does more than just provide financial resources. It also strengthens the relationship between an organization, its volunteers and donors. Our goal is to help you create and sustain a culture of philanthropy that can last for decades is our goal.

Regardless of the size of your organization, you can build sustainable, predictable revenue. Whether you are an all-volunteer organization or large, multi-program staff-driven not-for-profit, your ability to create sustainable revenue is within your grasp.

Our guidance and counsel is hands-on. It is based in real experience and metric driven. Additionally, it is designed to build the skills and capacity of your volunteers and staff.

We do not work in a vacuum. We work closely with you to help you build your vision for the future, then the plan that will help you achieve that vision. We work with staff and volunteer leadership to build a culture of philanthropy that is shared throughout the organization. We train current and incoming staff and volunteers in fundraising tactics and techniques designed to support both transactional (annual) and transformational (major and planned gifts) fundraising efforts. We help you establish the metrics for success and the benchmarks you will need to know whether you are moving in the correct direction.

Click on all the areas you would like to discuss during our initial phone call. We offer our consulting services across a wide variety of disciplines, including:

  • Start-up or beginning efforts at non-profit fundraising
  • Annual gift fundraising
  • Major gift fundraising
  • Planned gift fundraising
  • Capital or Endowment campaign fundraising
  • Feasibility studies
  • Workplace giving fundraising
  • Mass market & social media fundraising 
  • Venture philanthropy 
  • Stewardship program development, implementation, management and analysis 
  • Corporate social responsibility program development and strategies

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