Kristi Creps

"Why do you need money?" I shared my agency story and a brief overview ....he literally dropped his jaw and said "wow"!

Hi, Mark,

I wanted to let you know – I sat down with a potential donor his first question was, “What is going on with the Y and why do they need money”? I decided to use my agency story and give him a brief overview with that statement….he literally dropped his jaw and said “wow”!

He said that made it easy to comprehend and didn’t feel like he needed more details – pulled out his checkbook and wrote me $100,000 on the spot! I almost died! I have never had such a big donation on my own accord!

Thank you for putting in the time to help us become better – the homework on the agency
statement was the most helpful of all we have done because it related to real life
concepts! The other classes haven’t had interaction like that and it’s proven to be a huge help!

Just wanted to pass that on to you….thank you!

Kristi Creps