• Blessings of Hope

    Peace begins when the hungry are fed!

  • Pennsylvania Family Institute

    Strengthening families by restoring values essential for the well-being of society.

Non-profit volunteers
Non-profit staff

He Consistently Receives High Marks

"I have hired Mark Germano to present programs on fund development for several Notre Dame Nonprofit Executive Programs. He consistently receives high marks of 5 out of 5 from the attendees and is very easy to work with. I will continue to hire him in the future as well!"
Marc Hardey, PH.D.
Director, Nonprofit Executive Programs, University of Notre Dame
Creator of "Leadership Through Sharing Fire"

real solutions

We believe you want sustainable solutions, and we work in partnership with you to create that change. Moving forward with momentum and engagement will enable you, and your organization, to broaden and deepen the relationships needed and move you closer to your vision.

Plans for all people

“Students will always remember what you have taught because your teaching is full of good examples, participatory learning techniques, and a welcoming environment. I was impressed with your capacity to relate to persons from different countries and backgrounds.”